Card Counting Strategies

Card Counting Strategies

Card counting strategies were long ago figured out by professional gamblers. The most famous of these strategies are the Ken Uston and Arnold Snyder’s counting systems. The crucial parts of their systems are the patient in holding stages of counting, they both involve the same principle of frequency analysis. That is, they analytically study each game in random order, from the present collection of cards to the most probable of the remaining cards.

While this strategy is by no means foolproof, it does have one great advantage. It is the only system available to the professional gambler that can place his in the game almost completely as it is in practice. This will make you a professional unlike most amateur players who depend on the luck in cards in the game.

This is certainly not a fail-safe method and definitely not one that will win every single time, but as long as the analysis completes the number of outs you are almost certainly to place the next bet. At worst you will only break even, and with that small margin you can always manage some small wins. After all if you analyze a lot of risky situations you will know exactly when to bet against the house and when to bet for yourself.

To be clear, card counting strategies are not really ways to win; they are only ways to count the cards so that you can make decisions based on the cards you hold. In itself this is not a bad strategy; the casino wouldn’t mind you dying 5, 6, 7 consecutive times, so it’s not totally against the rules to count cards. However, the idea of counting cards is to manipulate the way you play the game, and to expect that you will lose all the money you have left to the casino. Card counting is perfectly legal in Casinos, it’s not illegal, but casinos are private property, and they can kick you out if they suspect you of counting cards. So it’s best played in a more private setting, such as a friendly card table or home game.

Also, with online casinos, the cards are shuffled after every hand, so the card counting threat is eliminated. Furthermore, the shuffling, cutting, and dealing of cards are done in a random order, which is to say that the cards are not really random at all. The cards here are just made to appear random. Because of this, card counting strategies can’t be used.

Aside from the languages on cards (the English and the various other languages have different cards than the Spanish and the French), the two main languages used in Las Vegas are Spanish and French. Because of the large majority of Las Vegas casino customers being Spanish-Americans, many believe that the language spoken at a casino is Spanish, but this is not true. Most casinos actually have English sound effects and Spanish translations on their online Las Vegas betting and playing platforms.

Because of the numbering system used in Las Vegas (and most other casinos world-wide), the “correct” card in the deck of cards is higher than the “amount of cards you want to see” when playing. Because of this, it is best to see as many cards as you can before taking a card yourself. Knowing this, you can see just as many cards as you want, knowing you won’t really loose anything (you won’t really win, either).

Despite the languages on cards, gambling in PokerAce99 is mostly about the gambling. Even though cards are mainly used in Las Vegas, the betting exchange makes it possible to take the bet from anywhere in the world. Even though the cards are simpler to see, keeping the bet down low is a good way to make sure the betting exchange takes in more clients. At the same time, this may cause competition between the casinos to increase their Newman figures.

Other casinos may not be so kind and they will resist your attempts to win money there – that is, until they get a Newman figure of yours. Then, you go to the casino, and the greedy old man will think he’s a genius and he’ll offer you free drinks, you’re broke, and he’ll think he’s a genius for increasing his Newman figure by giving you his money.

So, that’s it. Glenys is great, but she’s no longer a child and she’s paid for her holiday. Enjoy your stay at the Palms.