The Benefits of Playing a Player

The Benefits of Playing a Player

One of the most frustrating thing that can happen to you in a game of panen138 is to play against a player who is used to playing totally opposite of you. This will essentially drain you of your stack and force you into some pretty drastic decisions. Ideally, you want to stick to your solid pair of kings or above, but depending on your position in the hand against other players, you’ll have to adjust.

If you’re at the small or big blind, you’re obviously stuck with a hand that can only win by going all-in. This forces you to be on your A game from the get go. If you are used to seeing flops with trash like these and calling raises with junk like KQ and AQ, this will obviously affect your image of marginal hands and you may have to adapt your tournament strategy.

Should you have a high pair like kings or above, you don’t necessarily want to be drawn into playing the hand. You’re better off playing it aggressively, betting outprecentely so that opponents have less to work with. When you do hit a pair, you’re going to be in a good position to win the pot.

What Are The Benefits of Playing Any Hand Below King-Queen?

Your opponents will think that you have a very strong hand with King-Queen as much as anything else, which is correct. You have to be different though, in that you want to appear weak so that you can get paid off. For instance, some players come into pots with pocket queens and are immediately worried that the flop will test their hand, when it doesn’t. When you show up with KQ, though, the look on your opponent’s faces will tell them that you have the goods and you’re possibly making a play to get them to fold.

Your opponents are watching for tell signs and they will be paying close attention to yours during the hand. If you do the same thing as above, they won’t have anything and you will get paid off on your monster. If you do this at a higher buyin, some players will get a little scared and pull out. Knowing that you can take these players to the cleaners if you position yourself in front of them, will cause them to fold to you when they should be calling.

Your Best Machine Play

If you have no weak machines and a bunch of competition, you should play aggressively with medium to high pocket pairs. At a high buyin, this is a hand that you can win with a reasonable shot. Watch out for high cards that don’t hit and the flop that pairs you face a set, otherwise you can win a fairly large stacked pot.

If you have a full chip stack and a player raised in front of you, a set in this spot is very profitable. You are going to be paid off for it and your opponent will be out a ton of chips if he has the set.

You are going to hit a set about 5 out of 7 times when you have a medium to high pocket pair, although your odds of it happening are a lot lower in the early rounds. High poker hand sets are one of the toughest hands to play because your competition will always be raising the bat when you hit a set. If you have AK and face a raise from a tight aggressive player who everyone knows is tight, there is a good chance he has hit a set. Many times I will go up against that tight aggressive player with AK and I’ll end up losing the hand, but I’ll come out on top because I have the superior hand.

Probably the most important thing to remember when using AK is that it is a hand that likes to the raise and bet. Too many times people just immediately push all in without thinking and this is a very big mistake. AK suited has great showdown potential and if you decide you want to win a pot, it’s time to start protecting it.